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Name that Body Butter Contest

Part 1 (May 27 - June 3)

Part 2 (June 4- June 10)


Upon receiving new fragrance oils, to appeal to those who wanted to see  more masculine scented butters;  I'm creating an opportunity for my customers to name a couple of them.   The oils are Patchouli and Sandalwood.  Two winners will be recognized for naming the butters on the scents page and will receive a free 4 ounce jar of that butter ($20 value).  The butters will also be made available for purchase just in time for Father's Day.


May 27 - June 3:  Submit your name suggestions below in the comments block. 

June 4 - June 10:  Vote for the name already submitted, that you like the best by clicking reply and use the star rating system.  The top 2 rated names will be the winners.  

June 12:  Winners will be announced.  

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